Car Cleaning Guide: 5 Spots That Need Special Care

Posted on: 1 Jun, 2024

You have come to the right place if you have been searching for a trustworthy car cleaning service that can clean your vehicle from the inside out to the very last detail.

Your car is like your own mini room on wheels. If you’re driving around a lot, it’s easy for things to get a bit untidy inside. Let’s be real, nobody wants their car to turn into a cluttered mess. If you don’t give it a good scrub, that’s exactly what could happen.

Sure, you might be good at keeping the outside shiny and the main parts of the inside neat, but there are some sneaky spots that are easy to miss.

Here at Splash N Drip we have created this article with a handy list of easy-to-forget places in your car that need cleaning. So, let’s get started, shall we?

What Is The Difference Between Car Cleaning & Car Detailing?

Think of your car like your favourite shoes. A car wash is like giving them a quick wipe-down to remove everyday dirt. Detailing is like giving them a deep clean and polish to make them look brand new again.

Here's a breakdown of the key differences.

Car Wash

  • Focus: Removes surface dirt, dust, and grime
  • Speed: It's a quick process, often done in under 30 minutes
  • Location: You typically drive your car to a car wash with automated bays or hand washing stations
  • Cleaning: Focuses on the exterior (paint, wheels, windows) with a basic cleaning solution
  • Interior: May include a quick vacuuming or wiping down surfaces, but not a deep clean
  • Cost: Generally less expensive than detailing

Car Detailing

  • Focus: Deep cleans, restores, and protects both the interior and exterior of your car
  • Time: A much more detailed process, taking several hours or even a full day depending on the service
  • Location: Some detailers have shops, but many offer mobile detailing, coming directly to your home or workplace
  • Cleaning: Uses specialised tools and cleaning products for a thorough clean. This can include:
    1. Exterior: Washing, claying (removes paint contaminants), polishing (removes scratches and swirls), waxing (protects the paint)
    2. Interior: Vacuuming, shampooing carpets and upholstery, cleaning leather, treating plastics and vinyl
  • Results: A car that looks showroom-ready, with a sparkling exterior and a fresh, clean interior
  • Cost: More expensive than a car wash, but can help maintain your car's value and make it more enjoyable to drive

5 Easily Forgotten Spots That Needs Extra Care During Car Cleaning

  1. The Boot

    Think of your car’s boot as more than just a spot to chuck in your shopping bags or stuff you need to move. It’s true, the boot can get dirty pretty fast, especially if you’re loading things like suitcases, gardening gear, or wheeled bags.

    Here’s the bright side: the boot’s carpet is usually sturdy and can handle a good clean. When you’re sprucing up your boot, remember to tidy up under the spare tyre cover too. That’s where all the grime, road salt, and dampness like to hide. Give it a good wipe, even if you haven’t touched the spare tyre in a while.

  2. The Carpets

    Some of us may think the carpets are not removable but that's not true. They are definitely removable and can be cleaned well. Shaking out your car mats and vacuuming them is easy, but don't forget the dirt jungle underneath!

    Crumbs and dust love to hide there. Lift the mats and use a deodorising cleaner, especially near the pedals where dirt loves to gather. This will keep your car smelling fresh and also keep it crumb-free!

  3. Car Seat Headliners

    Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t given your car’s ceiling a good clean in a while. It’s a spot that can collect all sorts of smells and marks from hands reaching up or just random stuff. To freshen it up, use a soft cleaner that’s kind to the fabric. When you spot a stain, dab it gently instead of scrubbing. This will help get your car’s ceiling looking nice and neat again in no time.

  4. Seats

    Do you know how you vacuum the seats? Well, there’s a spot that’s easy to miss: the tiny gaps between the seat cushions. Dirt and dust love to hide there. If you don’t clean it out, all the crumbs and bits that get stuck will begin to damage the seams and padding. You definitely don’t want that.

    So, make sure to give those nooks and crannies a good vacuum when you are doing your car cleaning in Wandsworth. Use some special cleaning sprays to really get in there and clear out all the junk. If you can’t get your hands on these chemicals or just not sure about them, let us handle that part!

  5. Cup holders

    Oops, if you’ve ever spilled a drink in your car’s cup holder, it’s time for a deep clean. That dried-up spill can turn into a gooey problem that you might not spot if you don’t use the holder much.

    Trust us, it’s worth the elbow grease to get that spot sparkling when you’re getting a car cleaning service. Grab a toothbrush and really work it into the cup holder to scrub away the sticky stuff.

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