Car Detailers In London: Reasons Why You Need Professional Detailers

Car Detailers In London: Reasons Why You Need Professional Detailers

Posted on: 11 Dec, 2023

Are you wondering why your car needs professional car detailers in London? Here at Splash N Drip, we have the answers.

Having a clean car is essential for anyone, no matter where you live or what you do. It not only improves the appearance of your car but also its performance. However, there are different ways to take care of your car. One of them is the traditional hand car wash that you can do yourself.

Another option is professional mobile detailing, which is part of car valeting and the most popular car wash service nowadays. But how is it different from regular hand washing if it also gives you a clean car?

Let’s talk about all the reasons why it is the best idea to opt for mobile valeting for your car by expert car detailers in London like us.

How Can Car Detailers In London Make The Difference?

Due to better attention to detail, hand car washing was preferred over automatic car washes. Vehicle valeting, however, is now considered to be better for resale value and quality. Here’s how good car detailers in London can make all the difference.

Reason 1# Great Quality Washes & Detailing

Good car detailers in London can clean your car more thoroughly and effectively. They can reach every corner of your car and make it shine. Professional car valeting and detailing services take time to ensure your car looks the best it possibly can.

It usually will take from one to several hours to do a proper valet or detail job. They will remove all the dirt, sap, grime, grease, and tar from places you never knew existed! They will start with a prewash to loosen everything and will clean one panel at a time.

They will also change the water they use frequently and let the shampoo soak on to the vehicle properly. The better car wash and detailing techniques will avoid any swirl marks, scratches, and water spots on your car.

Reason 2# Leading Detailing Products Used

One of the main reasons professional car detailers in London give you such good detail is the quality of the products they use. They use car care products that have the right pH values and do not harm your car’s paint sealant. They also use microfiber towels, which are much better than the low quality sponges used by hand car washers.

Another factor is the quality of the wax they use. These waxes are very costly, but they are worth it. Unlike the silicone-based ones used by hand car washes, these car detailing products actually protect your car.

Reason 3# Finer Interior Detailing & Cleaning

You want your car to be clean, both inside and out. Hand car washes can give you a wash and wax, as well as wipe-downs and vacuuming. But your upholstery deserves more than that. It needs a professional valeting service that can clean your leather properly.

The same applies to your carpets inside the car. A good carpet shampoo can make a big difference. A proper valeting service can remove everything from the toughest stain to every bit of pet hair in the car as well as get rid of contaminants and odours.

All The Reasons You Should Avoid A Local Car Wash Stop

Local car washes can seem cheap and convenient on your way to work, but here are some reasons you might reconsider this option.

  • Chemical products on wheels - Driving a car to a local car wash will leave your wheel hot from the friction with the road, so the chemical product will immediately start reacting with the heated surface and can cause damage to your brakes and callipers.
  • Continuous use of dirty water - It is a very common phenomenon to use the same water for most of the day at car wash stops. This has an impact on you because it allows dirt from previous cars to get into your car.
  • Using rough sponges all day - The majority of nearby car washes use conventional yellow sponges, which are bad for your car's paint. They quickly and easily clean the dirt with these sponges, but the car paint is sometimes harmed in the process. That is why dark cars are always marked with fine lines. Also, on a busy day, they are likely to use the same set of sponges for the whole day without getting the chance to clean them or replace them with a clean set. Now, that’s bad for your car!
Try Splash N Drip For A Hygienic Car Wash!

Here at Splash N Drip, we consider ourselves your car’s best friend! Our trained professionals will give your vehicle a much higher level of cleanliness using gentle products that will care for your car rather than damage it.

We have lots of services to offer—from a simple car wash to a complete mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repair package. So, don’t think twice and contact us today to book your slot for a squeaky-clean car!